Top 4 Red Wine Brands And Their Best Red Wines

Red wines, famously known for their slightly bitter and acidic taste come in a variety of classic grapes. The best part of wines, especially red wines is that they taste very differently depending on the vineyard, the wine-maker and the region the grapes and wine-making process occurs. There are a lot of recommendations and suggestions about the best wines of all times, however, how do you know which bottles to buy and which bottles to store as a long-term investment? Well, we’ve got your back! Here’s a list of top four red wine brands and their best red wines. Remember, this list is of course not exhaustive!

Château Lafite has been in the winemaking business for over 400 years. Being one of the oldest winemakers, they surely have a high reputation for record breaking taste that comes with record breaking prices. This is one of the reasons we suggest you keep Château Lafite wines for long term investment purposes and of course, enjoy and appreciate it too! Their signature and most famous Bordeaux blend is a mix of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. There are two wines from Château Lafite Rothschild that are absolutely beautiful - one is expensive and the other one slightly affordable.

Sierra Cantabria is a beautiful traditional wine from Rioja and Toro, Spain. The regions from where they come from, of course, are Rioja and Toro. This region in Spain is well known for its various vineyards and is home to many traditional spanish winemakers. Their speciality is a wide range of wines with the most famous red wine variety being Tempranillo.

This red wine comes from the Napa Valley in the United States of America. The first of the Screaming Eagle wines was released in 1992 and is a famous vintage. This definitely is a collectable and a long term investment for sure. Their 100 pointer 1997 and 2007 are definitely vintages that can reep heavy profits.